I'm Jeffrey Meng
Student and Web Developer

About Me

I'm a student at Monta Vista High School, and an avid web developer. I'm experienced in quite a few web technologies, but these are my favorites:

Typescript Logo


Typescript is a typed superset of javascript that helps with writing more mantainable code and catching errors earlier. I have been programming in typescript since 2018.

React Logo


React is a javascript library that allows the building of complex web application user interfaces with ease! I have been programming in react since 2018.

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Gatsby is a static site generator that assists in creating faster React websites. I have been programming in gatsby since 2018.


Here's some of my favorite work.


Collaborative code editor in the cloud

Troop 485

My Boy Scout Troop Website


Point of sale system

Contact Me

Talk to me. Leave your suggestions. My PGP public key is also avaliable at pgp.jeffkmeng.com